Cataclysmic Variable Stars


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The study of cataclysmic variables – interacting binary stars containing a white dwarf accreting from an orbiting companion – is undergoing an exciting renaissance, as it embraces observations at all wavelengths. Cataclysmic variables allow, in particular, the direct and detailed study of equilibrium and non-equilibrium accretion discs; in turn these developments also help in our understanding of X-ray binaries, black holes and active galactic nuclei. This timely volume provides the first comprehensive survey of cataclysmic variable stars, integrating theory and observation into a single, synthesised text. An introductory chapter gives the historical background of studies of cataclysmic variables. The author then goes on to give an up-to-date review of both the observations (at all wavelengths, and over all time-scales), the theories, the models of the structures and accretion processes believed to be involved. A very detailed bibliography is also provided to guide the reader to pertinent primary literature.

  • The first comprehensive survey of cataclysmic variable stars, integrating theory and observation into a single text
  • Research into cataclysmic variable stars is an area of intense current interest both to theorists and observers at all wavelengths
  • Very extensive bibliography provides an excellent guide to the significant primary literature

Reviews & endorsements

“…this book remains the most comprehensive single text on the subject of cataclysmic variables…Although the number and typology of CVs we now know has increased since this book was published, the science and descriptions of the binary systems in this volume remain as relevant today as when it was published in 1995. No self respecting CV junkie should be without a copy.”


Brian WarnerUniversity of Cape Town

Table of Contents

1. Historical development
2. Structure of non-magnetic systems
3. Dwarf novae
4. Nova-like variables and nova remnants
5. Novae in eruption
6. Polars
7. Intermediate polars
8. DQ Herculis stars
9. Evolution of cataclysmic variables


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