Active Learning Astronomy for Astronomy: The Evolving Universe


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This student supplement to Astronomy: The Evolving Universe provides thirty-two hands-on activities for students of astronomy. Highly focused on central concepts in astronomy, each activity is linked to a section of the main text. The activities are designed to take 30 or 40 minutes of class time, and most require no special materials or extra resources. These class-tested activities form a key part of the innovative teaching strategies developed by Michael Zeilik.



Michael Zeilik, University of New Mexico


Table of Contents

Foreword for the student
1. Angular size and distance (cosmic distances)
2. Angular speed and motion (heavenly motions)
3. Major motions of the planets (heavenly motions)
4. Retrograde motion of Mars (heavenly motions)
5. Sunrise points (heavenly motions)
6. Solar system models (scientific models)
7. Kepler’s third law (heavenly motions)
8. Pluto and Charon (heavenly motions)
9. The Doppler shift
10. Weight
11. Newton’s Gravitation
12. Continuous spectra (light & spectra)
13. Stellar temperatures, colors and spectra (light & spectra)
14. Stellar parallax
15. Classifying stars by the H–R diagram (light & spectra)
16. Stellar evolution (scientific models)
17. Cepheid variable stars (cosmic distances)
18. The sun’s distance from the galactic center (cosmic distances)
19. Rotation curve of a spiral galaxy (heavenly motions)
20. Hubble’s law (cosmic distances)
21. Cosmic background radiation (light & spectra).



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