Nebula: and How to Observe Them


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Nebulae are the places where the stars are born. They can also be opaque clouds of dust that block our view of the stars beyond, starlight reflecting on cosmic dust clouds, or hot luminous expanding gases left over from a supernova explosion. Any description of this class of celestial object is… well… nebulous.

And yet this broad category contains the most fascinating and beautiful objects in the night sky. Some are easy to see, while others challenge the most experienced observers.

Nebulae and How to Observe Them presents an up-to-date detailed description and categorization of nebulae (part one); and then (part two) describes in practical terms how best to successfully observe and record them.

This book is a mine of information for all levels of amateur astronomy, from relative beginners to experienced observers. In one book, here is all you need to understand and observe those diverse and beautiful objects that fall under the heading of ‘nebulae’.

Publisher: Springer NY

Author: Steven R. Coe
Publication Year: 2007

Series: Astronomers’ Observing Guides


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