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Carl Sagan’s Universe


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Carl Sagan’s many contributions to science and society have been profound and far-reaching, influencing millions of people around the world. He carried out significant research in planetary science, was closely associated with the US space program, created the highly acclaimed television series Cosmos, and was the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of many best-selling popular science books. Carl Sagan’s Universe is a fascinating and beautifully illustrated collection of articles by a distinguished team of authors, and covers the many fields of science, education, policy making, and related areas in which Sagan worked. The book is divided into four sections, the first two of which provide an absorbing overview of the US space program (as well as a complementary account of the Russian program), and of the history and current status of the search for extraterrestrial life. The final two sections deal with the importance of science education in the successful development of a technological society, and of the shaping of science policy in tackling the problems facing us today. Also included is a separate chapter by Sagan himself, discussing the place and role of our planet and mankind in the universe. Written in honour of Carl Sagan’s many achievements, this book will fascinate and reward anyone interested in planetary science and exploration, the search for extraterrestrial life, or the role of science in the modern world.

  • Carl Sagan was one of the world’s best-known scientists
  • He was the creator of the highly acclaimed television series Cosmos
  • Winner of Pulitzer Prize, and author of many best-selling popular science books
  • Colour plate section with 20 colour photographs
  • Contributors include Kip Thorne, Paul Horowitz and Carl Sagan himself


Yervant TerzianCornell University, New York

Elizabeth BilsonCornell University, New York


Wesley T. Huntress, Jr., Edward C. Stone, Roald Sageev, Bruce Murray, Owen B. Toon,Christopher F. Chyba, David Morrison, Frank D. Drake, Paul Horowitz, Kip S. Thorne, Carl Sagan, Ann Druyen, James Randi, Philip Morrison, Jon Lomberg, Walter Anderson, Bill G. Aldridge, Richard L. Garwin, Georgi Arbatov, Richard P. Turco, James Hansen, Joan B. Campbell, Frank Press

Table of Contents

Carl Sagan at sixty
Part I. Planetary Exploration:
1. On the occasion of Carl Sagan’s sixtieth birthday Wesley T. Huntress, Jr.
2. The search for the origins of life: U.S. Solar system exploration, 1962–1994 Edward C. Stone
3. Highlights of the Russian planetary program Roald Sageev
4. From the eyepiece to the footpad: The search for life on Mars Bruce Murray
Part II. Life in the Cosmos:
5. Environments of Earth and other worlds Owen B. Toon
6. The origin of life in a cosmic context Christopher F. Chyba
7. Impacts and life: Living in a risky planetary system David Morrison
8. Extraterrestrial intelligence: The significance of the search Frank D. Drake
9. Extraterrestrial intelligence: The search programs Paul Horowitz
10. Do the laws of physics permit wormholes for interstellar travel and machines for time travel? Kip S. Thorne
Public Address:
11. The age of exploration Carl Sagan
Part III. Science Education:
12. Does science need to be popularized? Ann Druyen
13. Science and pseudo-science James Randi
14. Science education in a democracy Philip Morrison
15. The visual presentation of science Jon Lomberg
16. Science and the press Walter Anderson
17. Science and teaching Bill G. Aldridge
Part IV. Science, Environment and Public Policy:
18. The relationship of science and power Richard L. Garwin
19. Nuclear-free world? Georgi Arbatov
20. Carl Sagan and nuclear winter Richard P. Turco
21. Public understanding of global climate change James Hansen
22. Science and religion Joan B. Campbell
23. Speech in honor of Carl Sagan Frank Press.


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