Black Holes and the Universe


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Igor Novikov has been hailed as “Russia’s answer to Stephen Hawking.” In this popular account of the cosmic importance of black holes, he explores the properties and significance of these mysterious phenomena, which represent the most condensed state of matter in the Universe. Black holes are formed by the force of gravity, warping space and time, crushing stars and perhaps galaxies, too, until they fall in on themselves. Novikov’s fascinating account illuminates this most enigmatic feature of our Universe with exemplary clarity, illustrated with a series of inspired cartoon drawings.


Igor D. Novikov


Vitaly Kisin

Table of Contents

Part I. Black Holes:
1. What is a black hole?
2. Around a black hole
3. A gravitational abyss as an energy source
4. The search for black holes
5. Black holes and quanta
Part II. To The Bounds Of Infinity:
1. The Universe after the explosion
2. Mechanics of the Universe
3. The hot Universe
4. Neutrino Universe or ‘… ino’ Universe?
5. At the frontiers of the known


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