Astronomy for the Developing World (IAU XXVI GA SPS5)


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This volume presents papers concerning astronomy education and research in developing countries presented at a special session at the IAU 26th General Assembly in Prague. It gives a picture of the present state of astronomy in five major developing regions of the world: Latin America, Africa, Central Asia, the Far East and Eastern Europe. The book covers education and research, and also public outreach. New astronomy projects in developing countries are described, and initiatives to promote astronomy and space science from the UN and organizations other than the IAU are also covered. It finishes with a discussion of the future role of virtual observatories in developing countries and the concept of a Third World Astronomy Institute. This volume will be useful resource and reference for astronomers interested in promoting and supporting astronomy and space science around the world.


John HearnshawUniversity of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand

Peter MartinezSouth African Astronomical Observatory, Cape Town

Table of Contents

1. Overview to Astronomy in the Developing World
2. Astronomy in Latin America and the Caribbean
3. Astronomy in Africa
4. Astronomy in Eastern Asia and the Pacific
5. Astronomy in the Middle East and Central Asia
6. Astronomy in Eastern Europe
7. Astronomy Education in Developing Countries
8. Promoting Astronomy in Developing Countries through the UN, IHY and COSPAR
9. The Virtual Observatory and Developing Countries
Subject Index
Author Index.


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