The Binary Stars – 1918 Robert G. Aitken – California Edition

Here’s a great early edition of “The Binary Stars” by Robert Grant Aitken 1918. To make matters even more exciting it is a very rare special California Edition. This edition is in remarkable condition for being 100 years old. The covers are  beautiful in color, the book is nearly perfect. This is a very fine …

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Jupiter – now has 79 Moons

Twelve new moons have been discovered orbiting Jupiter, raising the number of natural satellites known to be circling our solar system’s biggest planet to 79. One of the newfound moons, provisionally named “Valetudo” for the Roman goddess of health and hygiene and the great-granddaughter of the god Jupiter, is being called an oddball because it orbits …

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Mars July 4, 2018 – Dust Storm

Mars – July 4, 2018. A planet-wide dust storm currently rages on the surface of the red planet obscuring precious detail. I captured this image just before dawn from my home in Bethel Park, PA. ASI 224 camera. Too much turbulence for a barlow lens.

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