The Backyard Astronomer’s Guide Hardback Book


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An essential reference tool for both beginning and veteran sky observers. Drawing on decades of stargazing experience, the authors suggest what equipment to buy and what to avoid, describe observing techniques, and explain how to hunt down the most interesting celestial objects. Each chapter is illustrated with the latest, breathtaking astrophotography. This companion is broken down into three parts: “Equipment for Backyard Astronomy”, “Observing the Celestial Panorama” and “Astrophotography”. It focuses on the practical aspects of astronomy. Among many astronomy subjects, the authors offer advice on how to contend with light pollution, and how to take successful and impressive color photographs of galaxies and nebulas (with or without a telescope). Each chapter is written in clear, jargon-free yet detailed.

Publisher: Firefly Books, The Limited
ISBN-10 0387698272
ISBN-13 9780387698274

Author: Terence Dickinson, Alan Dyer

Publication Year: 1991

Number of Pages: 368 Pages

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Terence Dickinson CM (born 10 November 1943 in TorontoOntario) is a Canadian amateur astronomer and accomplished astrophotographer who lives near YarkerOntario, Canada. He is the author of 14 astronomy books for both adults and children. He is the founder and former editor of SkyNews magazine. Dickinson has been an astronomy commentator for Discovery Channel Canada and taught at St. Lawrence College. He has made appearances at such places as the Ontario Science Centre. In 1994, the International Astronomical Union committee on Minor Planet Nomenclature named asteroids 272 Dickinson and 5272 Dickinson in honour of his “ability to explain the universe in everyday language.”

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