Stars & Planets – An Introduction to the Wonders of Modern Astronomy


Condition: Very good, with rare dust cover.

Hardcover Edition: Second Edition.

Publisher     Thomas Y. Crowell Co.

ISBN: none

Author:    James Muirden, Fellow Royal Astronomical Society

Publication Year   1965, copyright 1964.

Number of Pages   xxx Pages

Presented in the 1960’s this classic early work of James Muirden is excellent reading from simpler times. The author skillfully enlightens his reading audience with interesting and some mysterious facts of astronomy as known over 50 years ago.

Stars & Planets is a three-part study of the night sky for the general reader. Its author, one of England’s leading astronomers, serves as a friendly guide, leading you step by step through the solar system with its planets, the realm of the stars and galaxies, and the fascinations of amateur astronomy.

Beginning with man and the earthly inhabits, Mr. Muirden makes clear their relationship to the sun and other planets. He describes the origins, functions, and probable futures of all the members of the solar system. He explores the moon in terms of the latest information science has discovered about it, and shows why the lunar surface has become the multibillion-dollar target of man’s maiden venture into space.

Moving on among the stars, the author encompasses the entire night sky. He describes the different kinds of stars and galaxies, their incredibly vast distances and magnitudes, and the process by which the astronomer “fixes” the position and path of a star millions of light-years away.


James Muirden

James Muirden (born 1942) is an astronomer and author of more than thirty books. He has formerly been a film reviewer and telescope maker.[1][2] Muirden is a member of the British Astronomical Association.[3] He lives in Devon, England.[1][2]

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