Condition: Brand new.

Folded Map

SHEET MAP / ISBN-13: 9781849076159

Condition: Brand new.

Folded Map

Publisher     Phillips astronomy.

ISBN-13: 9781849076159

Publication Year   March 3, 2022 – latest edition


Item Length  9.3 in.

Item Height    0.3 in.

Item Width  6.25 in.

Item Weight  4 Oz

The essential map for all Moon watchers.

A beautiful hand drawn lunar map for the 21 century by modern day lunar cartographer Dr. John Murray.

The awesome allurement of the Moon is brought to life in this practical map for Moon watchers which locates, describes and indexes more than 500 physical features on the visible side of the moon. Who hasn’t marveled at the lunar landscape whether glancing up from Earth or being gripped by NASA imagery?

Ever since the 1960s, when Neil Armstrong walked those first steps on the lunar surface, we have had a particular fascination with the Moon, but that grip goes back to the dawn of humanity. Our nearest neighbor in space, the Moon is hugely important due to its impact on tides and many other natural cycles that surround us, so to be able to look and read its landscape is especially revealing and valuable.

With practical information on the best Moon watching techniques and tips, we capture both the magical and the practical aspects of lunar locations.

· Superbly detailed map of the Moon’s visible surface
· 500 Moon features located on the map, with a clear index
· Craters, seas, mountains, peaks and valleys
· Landing sites of manned and unmanned spacecraft located
· Helpful text aids the best effective moon watching
· Plus map of the far side of the Moon as revealed by satellites
· Maps drawn by lunar expert Dr. John Murray

Map extends from about 9.3×6.25 folded to approx. 39inches x 27inches when fully opened.

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 9.3 × 6.25 × .3 in
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